STRAVA NYC Marathon 2023

The NYC Marathon is the largest marathon in the world. Strava has had a partnership with the organizing body since 2017, which allowing them the ability to activate on the ground. Through their Strive for More™ initiative, Strava supports women in sports through amplifying voices that inspire, building communities that foster a sense of belonging, and funding initiatives that helps get more women to the start lines in sport. For NYCM 2023, Strava created a team of women runners and used their networks to empower, enable, ignite and celebrate the women's running community. Strava is the place where you and your active community can connect, support, motivate, and inspire other women to get to the start line, too.

Design and Art Direction of the visual identity + assets

Strava Team: Rosana Fortes, Fernanda Monteiro, Brinson McGowan

Photo Credits: Guilherme Leporace